Archive \ Volume.11 2020 Issue 4

A Survey of Smoking Habits Among University Students and Its Susceptibility Among Various Diseases

Muhammad Osama Yaseen , Arifa Saif , Tahir Mehmood Khan , Amal K Suleiman

Purpose: Smoking is the leading cause of death worldwide. Based on recent estimates, there are nearly 1.1 billion smokers worldwide. Smoking habits, perceptions, and beliefs have not been adequately conducted in low-middle income countries (LMICs) like Pakistan, and proper policies have not been made by the government of Pakistan, especially in Health & Education departments. Our study aimed to explore smoking habits among university students and their knowledge, attitude & perception about diseases caused by smoking. Method: A cross-sectional, quantitative study was planned among university students in Pakistan using a structured questionnaire. Statistical methods such as chi-square and sample t-test were performed using SPSS version 21®. Results: Our investigation discovered around 80% non-smokers and 20% of smokers. Anxiety/stress and social influence were the most chosen options with 64.35% and 46.15% votes respectively. 35.4 % of students think they might suffer a smoking-related health issue. The majority of the students professed to have been cautioned in university premises about harms of smoking. 18.96% of people responded that they would continue smoking even knowing the consequences. Rehabilitation centers, pharmacies, and hospitals were the most convenient places for cigarette addicted people to get proper treatment and counseling. Conclusion: The prevalence of smoking among university students was high compared to previous findings and the trend was even higher in female students. The majority of the smokers were reluctant to quit smoking while others would prefer to join rehabilitation centers or seek advice from family and friends.

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