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Anxiety among COVID-19 Physicians during the Pandemic in the Health Care Center of the Rural Region

Fahad Jibran Siyal , Zahid Ali Shaikh , Syed Zaryab Ahmed , Moazzam Ali Shahid , Faiza Agha , MirHassan Khoso , Ayaz Ali Unar , Khalida Unar , Raheela Saleem , Muhammad Parial Shahani

Introduction: The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to put healthcare professionals in critical circumstances globally, having to make intolerable assessments and work under extreme pressures. It is very difficult to provide care for all severely sick patients with reserved resources. This may affect a physician’s mental health. Healthcare professionals are at greater risk of mental health concerns because they are allocating with tasks of the COVID-19 pandemic situation especially in rural areas where it is difficult to deal with uneducated attendants and patients. This study aims to assess the work pattern of doctors who are performing duties with COVID -19 patients. Results: A total of 33 doctors participated in this survey out of which the majority of the age group was found to be 27. In this survey 23 males (70%) and 10 females (30%) participated. 7 doctors (21.2%) were normal and they were not having anxiety, 12 of doctors (36.4%) were mild anxious, 8 doctors (24.2%) were moderate anxious, 6 doctors (18.2%) were having severe anxiety. Five males were normal, 6 males were mild anxious,7 males were moderate anxious and 5 males were severely anxious, and 2 females were normal, 6 females were mild anxious, 1 female was moderate anxious and 1 female was severely anxious. Conclusion: In this study, we found that those doctors who performed duty with COVID 19 patients were more worried when assessed with the GAD-7 scale.

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