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National Survey: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Towards COVID-19 among Iraqi Pharmacy Students

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The recent infection by the COVID-19 virus has rapidly become a major health concern,‎ both in terms of its strong impact on the health system, and economical burden. Assessment of pharmacy students’ level of awareness, attitude, and knowledge about the recent COVID-19 ‎infection in Iraq.‎ A population-based cross-sectional study that involved ‎pharmacy college students across the country, this study used an electronic-based questionnaire that was ‎delivered to each of the participants online. The study included 907 pharmacy students, with 609 females (67.1%) and 298 males (32.9%), a ‎‎ratio of 2:1. The fifth grade represented the majority, with 275 students (30.3%). Overall, 81.1% of all students knew about COVID-19 infection before the outbreak (which was similar ‎across all grades, p-value = ‎0.160‎), the most common source of information was social ‎medical (52%, followed by the WHO website (25.8%), in which the lower grades depended less on the WHO website. Most of the students (61%) believed 1-2months ago that the COVID-19 infection was circulating in Iraq, while 29.2% only started to believe it within the previous 2 weeks. In terms of preventive measures, 89.1% believe that adhering to guidelines can prevent infection, 86.0% believe that infection control in hospitals can prevent transmission. Pharmacy students show a high level of awareness in terms of the medical aspect of the disease, good knowledge in the science about the virus. The students have a negative impression of the role of institutes towards the prevention of the spread of the infection.

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Al-Tukmagi H, Allela OQB, Fawzi HA, Fakhri DH. National Survey: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Towards COVID-19 among Iraqi Pharmacy Students. Arch Pharm Pract. 2021;12(2):54-9.
Al-Tukmagi, H., Allela, O. Q. B., Fawzi, H. A., & Fakhri, D. H. (2021). National Survey: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Towards COVID-19 among Iraqi Pharmacy Students. Archives of Pharmacy Practice, 12(2), 54-59.

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