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Student Youth Health Culture in System Managing the Quality of Higher Education

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In the present paper we considered and substantiated necessity monitoring health status of student youth and maintained a healthy lifestyle within quality management systems educational process institution of higher education o n the example Lviv Polytechnic National University. It has been established that the quality of education is affected by various factors, but the greatest risks and threats to the education of higher education students are related to their health. The performed meta-analysis and statistical sources analyzed the relatively general health of young people in Ukraine. The questionnaire which consisted of separate blocks, concerning such bad habits like smoking, drug addiction, alcohol consumption, contraceptive issues, sports, healthy lifestyle, vaccinations, etc. was processed. The processed results presented in this study, indicate the need to promote a healthy lifestyle and monitoring of the student youth environment, which often forms a tendency to bad habits. A meta-analysis of a new bad habit - internet addiction, which may be formed especially actively in connection with the Сovid-19 pandemic was conducted and the need for online learning in higher education was investigated. For students a questionnaire was developed on their use of internet resources in the process of study and recreation, and a survey was conducted. According to the survey results, reasonable recommendations are provided on the need to give advice to students on the proper use of internet resources.

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Aelita K, Natalia Z, Roksolana K, Olena K. Student Youth Health Culture in System Managing the Quality of Higher Education. Arch Pharm Pract. 2021;12(2):86-93.
Aelita, K., Natalia, Z., Roksolana, K., & Olena, K. (2021). Student Youth Health Culture in System Managing the Quality of Higher Education. Archives of Pharmacy Practice, 12(2), 86-93.

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