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Study on the Effect of Ethanol Ginger Extract on Cell Viability And p53 Level in Breast and Pancreatic Cancer

Soroush Sarami , Maryam Dadmanesh , Zuhair M. Hassan , Khodayar Ghorban

Cancer is a widespread disease in which regulatory mechanisms of cell growth and proliferation has led into failure and results in continuous cell reproduction. Today, breast and pancreatic cancers are two common and lethal diseases. In recent years anti-cancer effects of natural products like Ginger and its bioactive compounds has taken into consideration. In this study effect of ginger treatment was evaluated on viability and the p53 level of Panc-1 and MCF-7 Cell line. At first Cancerous and normal cells were cultured and then treated with different concentrations of ethanol ginger extract for 24 and 48 hours and eventually MTT assay was conducted to investigate the cytotoxic effect. Then we tested the p53 level in all three cells. In MTT assay we observed that ginger extract kills cancerous cell line in a dose-dependent pattern with IC50 of 40.8 and 61.5 µg/ml for MCF-7 and Panc-1 respectively, while no significant cytotoxic effect was observed on normal cells. P53 level was significantly increased in MCF-7 and Panc-1 and not in PBMCs (P<0/05). A large body of evidence demonstrated that apoptosis is a major active process in cells. Multiple mechanisms are involved in cell growth arrest and reported P53 plays a key role in ginger-extract-induced apoptosis. Here our study showed ginger induces apoptosis by regulation of p53 in cells bearing mutant and wild-type p53.

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