Archive \ Volume.11 2020 Issue 1

Technological and Biopharmaceutical Aspects of Developing the Basics of Soft Medicinal Local Action

Victoria Tarasenko, Alexei Pidlisnyy, Alina Koval, Andrew Solomennyy, Valentina Vaschuk, Lena Davtian, Natalya Goncharenko, Ivanna Sakhanda, Mariana Naumova

Extensive clinical experience and experimental data irrefutably prove that local drug treatment of wounds should be built strictly in accordance with those processes that occur at different stages of the wound process, helping their natural course and not inhibiting it. The problem of treatment of purulent-inflammatory diseases, which is one of the oldest in surgery, remains acute at the present time. The basic principles of any method for treating purulent-necrotic processes are early removal of devitalized tissues, suppression of microflora activity in the lesion and acceleration of regeneration. The basis of soft drugs is of great importance since the effectiveness and speed of the onset of the therapeutic effect depends on this.

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