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The Impact of TikTok on Pharmacy Education: Enhancing Drug Information Mastery Through Video Learning

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TikTok, a well-known application for creating and posting short videos on social media, is an untested educational tool. This study examines ways in which TikTok has impacted pharmacy education with a specific focus on learning concerning drugs. The study compared two groups to see if there are differences between the group using traditional learning strategies – such as textbooks and online resources – and the group using the TikTok platform. Multiple-choice tests were used to evaluate the performance of the two groups. Results show a statistically significant difference between traditional and TikTok-supported learning groups regarding academic performance, highlighting the potential of TikTok-supported learning for improving learning outcomes. These results make valuable contributions to the study of teaching methods and provide evidence of encouraging impacts for implementing advanced social media-based learning strategies in traditional learning environments. This highlights the value of studying diverse and motivating techniques to improve student learning, particularly in pharmacy education.

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Graefen B, Emeakoroha U, Qasmieh S, Fazal N. The Impact of TikTok on Pharmacy Education: Enhancing Drug Information Mastery Through Video Learning. Arch Pharm Pract. 2023;14(4):49-54.
Graefen, B., Emeakoroha, U., Qasmieh, S., & Fazal, N. (2023). The Impact of TikTok on Pharmacy Education: Enhancing Drug Information Mastery Through Video Learning. Archives of Pharmacy Practice, 14(4), 49-54.

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